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Hope Heads to COP26 Glasgow Demo

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If you want to get involved in the climate change debate, now is your chance.   

Next month will see the ‘COP26’ take place in Glasgow. The term COP stands for ‘Conference of the Parties’, a crucial summit attended by all of the countries that signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). 

Running from November 1st to the 12th, the event will see world leaders setting-out goals for ending their contribution to climate change. 

A key date of COP26 is Saturday November 6th - a day that’ll see worldwide demonstrations and marches, with campaigners set to urge all at the UN talks to really deliver on their promises of climate justice. 

And now Liverpool Hope University staff and students can join the tens of thousands who plan to take to the streets of Glasgow, because the School of Social Sciences is laying on a free bus to take people from Liverpool to Glasgow, and back again. 

It is open to any LHU student, or staff member.

The bus will leave at 7am on Saturday 6 November from Hope Park, arriving in Glasgow for the march’s start at 12 noon in Kelvingrove Park, in the West End of the city. 

And then the coach will leave from Glasgow Green - the rally end point - at 5.30pm for the return to Liverpool, with an estimated arrival time of 10pm back at Hope Park. 

Any student/staff member wishing to book a place on the bus must email socialscience@hope.ac.uk, with 'COP26 in the subject line and their name, student number, subject and course level. 

Staff members should follow the above with their name and Department/school/service area.

Professor Michael Lavalette, Dean of the School of Social Sciences, explains: “This is arguably the most important COP since the 2015 Paris Agreement was first adopted - a real make-or-break year to confront what is now a global climate emergency. 

“As COP26 hosts, the eyes of the world will be on the UK, as the planet examines our own promises, and contributions, to limiting global warming.

“And if you want to have your say on the world’s most pressing problem, I’d urge you to get involved with the demo and make your feelings known.”

Stressing the importance of the demo, Professor Lavalette adds: “Our planet is on fire! And the root cause is how our societies abuse and exploit nature, destroy our ecosystems and churn out climate destroying greenhouse gases.

“The best time to act to save our planet and our way of life was probably 40 years ago, but the second best time is today.

"Every day, every week and every month we delay taking action, we make the impact of climate change worse. If COP26 fails to deliver it will have dramatic and traumatic effects on human life.”

Any queries should be directed to Michael Lavalette on lavalem@hope.ac.uk, but coach bookings can only be taken via the socialscience@hope.ac.uk address.


** Please note: The bus is free to students and staff. BUT any student who books a place, by following steps outlined above, and then fails to turn up on the day, will be charged £30 - the cost of each seat. The cost will be billed to them via student finance. Staff will similarly be sent a £30 bill if they book, but fail to attend.

Any queries should be directed to Michael Lavalette on lavalem@hope.ac.uk, but coach bookings can only be taken via the socialscience@hope.ac.uk address.



Published on 11/10/2021