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Hope lecturer explores future of NHS technology

Dr Emauele Secco joined a team of experts as they explored ways to transform technology used by the NHS in complex rehabilitations.

The Senior Lecturer in Electronic Engineering was invited to take part in an NHS Neuroscience Hackathon hosted by the Innovation Agency.

Participants were split into six teams, and challenged to spend two days reviewing current NHS technologies and brainstorming potential new ideas.

They were encouraged to explore possible uses for new technologies, including exoskeletal robotics, brain-to-computer interfaces and virtual rehabilitation using artificial intelligence, in moving complex rehab forward.

Dr Secco said: “New smart devices and projects that may improve the life of NHS patients - with a special focus on paralysed patients - were proposed in front of the Hackathon committee and my team were awarded the 'Innovation Most Likely to be Implemented' award.”

The Hackathon committee was made up of a panel of industry experts, including Gabor Barton, Professor of Clinical Biomechanics, Liverpool John Moores University; Madeleine Fletcher, Head of Fundraising, The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust; Liz Pilley, Business Development Manager, Randox Health; Carole Spencer, Director of Transformation, Innovation Agency; and Jonathan Ellis, Investor and Founder of Sony PlayStation.

Published on 20/03/2018