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Hope scholars attend QI2017 at the University of Illinois

Dr Alan Hodkinson (Associate Professor, Centre for Culture and Disability Studies), Ella Houston (Professional Tutor in Disability and Education), Asli Kandemir (PhD student in Sociology, Dr Joseph Maslen (Lecturer in Education Studies) and Dr Zaki Nahaboo (Lecturer in Sociology), travelled to the University of Illinois to present their work at the Thirteenth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (QI2017).

The visit, supported by HEIF Route to Impact funding and invited by the University’s Distinguished Professor Norman Denzin (pictured with colleagues), was to deliver the panel session Can national identity ever have “fundamental values”?. This problematised and explored the notion of Fundamental British Values that are taught to children and young adults in British schools.

Before their departure, the team launched their collaboration by rehearsing their papers at the Faculty of Education ‘Golden Hour’ Research Seminar Series. Following the Illinois visit, it is anticipated that this symposium, coupled with a contribution from Faculty Professor Ian Stronach and other interdisciplinary papers from the Department of Early Childhood, will form the basis of a special edition of the International Review of Qualitative Research, edited by Professor Denzin, and generate further bids for research funding.

Published on 20/03/2018