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Hope Unveils new Contemporary European Affairs Master's

Liverpool Hope University has unveiled a unique new degree programme that promises to take an extensive deep dive into Brexit.   

The MA in Contemporary European Affairs is a first-of-its kind offering, and takes a forensic look at all the ramifications of Britain’s departure from the European Union, and what this means for the future. 

The Master’s at Liverpool Hope begins this October, with the University now beginning the recruitment process, and is focused on the complex workings of the European Union. 

The course is also being run in conjunction with Lille Catholic University, aka ‘La Catho’, in France, in a bid to cement relations between the UK and its continental partners. 

The Master’s degree is being overseen by Dr Bryce Evans, Associate Professor in History and Politics at Hope, and a specialist in modern British and Irish history. 

And Dr Evans says the degree provides a special opportunity for students to really get to grips with the politics of social ‘integration and disintegration’ when it comes to the EU. 

He says: “Like it or loathe it, but Brexit is going to have a huge impact on all of our lives, whether that’s trade, travel or the price of goods going forward. 

“And this Master’s degree is unique in that there are no other programmes quite like it right now. It’s crucial we’re able to understand the transnational structures through which we all live.”

The curriculum covers everything from how Brexit might impact on climate change and energy policies, to the significance of British colonialism and it’s continuing influence. 

Dr Evans adds: “Brexit is not going to mean glorious isolation for the UK and we need to know precisely how Europe works more than ever before, in terms of trade, law and all the associated themes. 

“With this Master’s, students will have a unique opportunity to take a course designed by Liverpool Hope University and our partner institution in Lille, France. 

“It’s a bold and ambitious new European Master’s programme designed to equip graduates with the skills and the practical experience they need to understand this fast-moving new world. 

“They’ll be able to take a deep dive into the politics of European integration, but also to really understand the politics of disintegration and Brexit. 

“And it’s not just about politics - this is a multi-disciplinary award covering history, international relations, law, business and contemporary social policy. 

“If you want to understand the world we live in - Britain, the EU, Brexit and beyond - there’s no better opportunity than this Master’s programme.”

Any undergraduates interested in applying should hold a First Class or Upper Second Class Honours Degree in a relevant discipline - though applications from students who do not hold a 1st or 2:1 Honours Degree, or equivalent, may be asked to demonstrate potential to achieve a Masters award via a sample of academic writing and interview before an offer is made.

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Published on 14/04/2021