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Humans of Hope tells the stories of University community

The diverse community that makes up Liverpool Hope University is showcased in a new initiative – Humans of Hope.  

Taking inspiration from Humans of New York and Humans of Liverpool, we’re gathering stories from Hope staff, students and alumni in celebration of the University’s 175th anniversary.

Throughout 2019, we’ll be posting first-person stories on our Instagram account @humansofhopeuk, which provide an insight into what Liverpool Hope means to those who work and study here.

Our first post tells the story of an alumna who learned how to love education again, after joining Liverpool Hope: “Throughout sixth form and my first year of uni, I struggled with engaging in my studies. I was always enthusiastic about education and enjoyed learning, but during this time I became really dis-engaged. I lost my confidence in learning and even considered that maybe I wasn't cut out for university. My Hope experience changed for me when the university discovered I was dyslexic. From then onward, Hope University allowed me to re-discover my enthusiasm for education as I was hugely supported by all members of the university. I recently achieved my Master’s degree from Liverpool Hope as well as recently becoming of a member of staff here. I really feel part of the community here at Hope and that sense of community will always stay with me.”

You can read more stories by visiting @humansofhope on Instagram, and share yours by emailing

Published on 23/01/2019