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Journalist to address race and identity politics at public lecture

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A renowned journalist and broadcaster will explore race, culture and identity politics at an upcoming public lecture at Liverpool Hope University.

Observer columnist Kenan Malik will be taking part in the University’s Distinguished Lecture Series on Wednesday 6 December, when he will be sharing thoughts from his latest book, Not So Black and White: A History of Race from White Supremacy to Identity Politics.

Providing a powerful new history of the idea of race, Malik upends assumptions underlying today’s debates around race, culture, whiteness and privilege by explaining the real origins of race in western thought.

He asks whether white privilege is real, how racist the working class is, why left-wing antisemitism has grown and who benefits most when anti-racists speak in racial terms. The lecture will also challenge received wisdom, uncover the forgotten history of a racialized working class and question fashionable concepts such as cultural appropriation.

A fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Malik is former panellist on Moral Maze and has presented BBC Radio 3’s Nightwaves and Radio 4’s Analysis. He has published several books, including From Fatwa to Jihad: The Rushdie Affair and Its Legacy, which was shortlisted for the 2010 George Orwell Book Prize.

The 63-year-old combines his media career with his work in academia. His main areas of interests are the history of ideas, the history and philosophy of science, the history and philosophy of religion, the philosophy of mind, theories of human nature, moral and political philosophy, and the history and sociology of race, immigration and identity.

An in demand public speaker, Malik has long campaigned for equal rights, freedom of expression, a secular society, and in defence of rationalism and humanism.

Professor Michael Lavalette, Dean of the School of Social Sciences, said: ”We are honoured to host Keenan Malik in our distinguished lecture series. This is a great opportunity for students, staff and the people of Liverpool to come and listen to one of Britain's leading public intellectuals.

“Malik always has something interesting and provocative to say. He challenges us to consider the myriad ways that power, inequality and oppression impact on the lives of ordinary people. I'm sure people will thoroughly enjoy his talk.”

Not So Black and White: A History of Race from White Supremacy to Identity Politics takes place in the Eden Building Lecture Theatre at the Hope Park campus, L16 9JD. The lecture begins at 5.30pm and refreshments will be served from 5pm.

This is a free event, but you will need to claim a ticket online at Eventbrite. Claim your ticket now.

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Published on 17/11/2023