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Network of Hope Extended to new College

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Liverpool Hope University is delighted to extend its ‘Network of Hope’ to include a new institution - Spurgeon's College, London.  

The Network of Hope, first launched in 1998, is a series of partnerships between Hope and a number of sixth-form and higher education colleges who share the same values and missions for the future. 

The Network itself is designed to offer flexible, higher education programmes to communities which would otherwise not have such a provision.

It’s about enhancing the chances for academic achievement, social opportunity and personal advancement - fulfilling the vision of the University’s founding colleges. 

And up until now, the Network was limited to the North West of England, as Hope joined forces with institutions such as St John Rigby College in Wigan, Holy Cross College in Bury, Greater Manchester, St Mary’s College, in Blackburn and Carmel College in St Helens, Merseyside. 

Now the Network has been expanded to include Spurgeon’s College, south London, to deliver a number of courses on the College’s Croydon campus. 

From September 2021, three new joint honours degree programmes, across six new subject areas, will be delivered at Spurgeon’s - Business Management and Marketing BA (Hons), International Relations and Social Policy BA (Hons) and Media & Communication and Creative Writing BA (Hons). 

The additions to the portfolio of courses offered at Spurgeon’s, and subsequent growth in its educational offer, marks an important step in the College’s plans to become the first home-grown university in Croydon.

Professor Gerald Pillay, Vice-Chancellor and Rector of Liverpool Hope University, said the partnership was an important moment in the Network of Hope’s History. 

He added: “We are so pleased to have partnered with Spurgeon’s College, through our ‘Network of Hope’ to help support the provision of higher education with Croydon. 

“This partnership with Spurgeon’s College is the first Network of Hope partnership outside of the North West and represents a significant step in the growth of the Network and of Spurgeon’s College’s educational offer. We are proud to be able to support the College’s ambitious plans to become the first home-grown university in Croydon.”

Spurgeon’s College is a registered charity and plays an important role in supporting underrepresented groups within Croydon into higher education, while also delivering courses flexibly as weekday, evening or weekend courses.

Principal of Spurgeon’s College, Rev Professor Philip McCormack said: “We are delighted to be part of Liverpool Hope University’s ‘Network of Hope’ and to deliver these three new degree courses from Spurgeon’s College. 

“The expansion of this educational offer means that we are able to offer more courses to more students within the Borough of Croydon, taking us closer to realising our ambition of becoming the first-home grown university in Croydon.

“As a deeply embedded member of the Croydon community, I am so proud of the role our College has played in supporting the provision of higher education within the local area for nearly 100 years, particularly in supporting underrepresented groups. I am excited for our College to continue to develop our educational offer and expand the support we provide to our local community.”

The College itself was founded in the mid-Nineteenth century by Charles Haddon Spurgeon, a gifted preacher, born in Essex, who not only sought to elevate those without formal academic education but also vocally opposed slavery. 

The College is committed to assisting every student in reaching their full potential and in promoting the general wellbeing of all members of its student community. 

It seeks to provide a creative learning environment allowing every student to develop academically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

It has a diverse community of around 500 - 600 students, of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. The College’s campus is situated within six acres of wooded grounds with nearby transport links for fast access to central London and the surrounding counties.

For more information about Spurgeon’s College, please visit https://www.spurgeons.ac.uk/

Published on 23/06/2021