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New book for Dr Ros Stuart-Buttle and Dr John Shortt

In their new book Christian Faith, Formation and Education, Dr Ros Stuart-Buttle and Dr John Shortt from the Centre for Christian Education explore the relationship between faith, formation and education.

Rooted in a variety of discourses, the book offers original insights into the education and formation of the human person, both theoretical and practical.

Issues are considered from within a context of contemporary tensions generated by an increasingly pluralist society with antipathy to religious faith, and debated from interdenominational Christian perspectives.

Including chapters by an international team of experts, the book demonstrates how Christian faith holds significance for educational practice and human development. 

It argues against the common assumption that there can be a neutral approach to education, while at the same time advocating a critical dimension to faith education.

?The book brings fresh thinking about faith and formation, which demands attention given the fast-changing political, educational and socio-cultural forces of today?. It has been highly praised by its reviewers.

?Dr Ros Stuart-Buttle recently gave a keynote address at the Heythrop College University of London international conference on Developing Research in Catholic Education Studies.

?This conference saw over 70 academics and practitioners gathered for two days. As a founding member of ?this new research network in Catholic education, ?Dr Stuart-Buttle's paper addressed Conceptual understanding and definition?al clarity in Catholic education: an exploration of three terms and was well-received.

Published on 20/03/2018