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New paper published by Dr Donal Moloney

Dr Donal Moloney, who is Subject Lead for Fine Art, Design, Graphic Design, Art & Design History and Film & Visual Culture, has published a paper on Richard Estes' painting 'Double Self-Portrait'.

The piece appears in The International Journal of the Arts in Society, and is titled 'Visual Slippages between the Picture Plane and the Painting Surface: Richard Estes’ Double Self-Portrait (1976)'. 

In his paper, Dr Moloney explores how aspects of Cartesian perspectivalism, twofoldness and the Lacanian gaze might combine to form amalgamations of scopic regimes within a scopic field.

This provides a foundation for his theory that there “may be a particular oscillation between different ways of looking contained within Estes’ ‘Double Self-Portrait’ - looking through the surface, looking across the surface and a form of being looked at from inside the surface”.

See the paper in full.

Published on 17/12/2018