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Nutrition Labs transformed into community kitchen

A community food project brought a group of Liverpool veterans and their families to the University’s Nutrition Labs for a cookery lesson with a difference.

Organised in collaboration between Liverpool Hope, and social enterprises Alchemic Kitchen and Liverpool Veterans HQ, the event aimed to explore sustainable foods, nutrition and healthy meals.

Ex-servicemen and women, along with their families, visited local farms in north Liverpool to collect produce that would otherwise go to waste. This was then brought it to the University, where they were shown how to make several delicious dishes.

As well as transforming an abundance of fresh tomatoes into soup, the group collected almost a tonne of cabbages, which they used to create spring rolls and kimchi.

Three Nutrition students, who recently completed the second year of their studies at Hope, joined the cook-off, gaining hands-on experience of working with the community and putting their learning into practice.

Lucy Antal, from Alchemic Kitchen, said: “We’re thrilled to be working with the University on this project, as not only is the space great, but it’s a great opportunity to introduce people to Liverpool Hope and provide an aspirational experience for those who may not have had much exposure to university.

“The Nutrition Labs are great as there are multiple cooking stations and ovens, and often we use community hubs that have one oven and are tight on space. This is the perfect place for people to get cooking experience, and there is a great big table where we can gather together to eat.”

Senior Lecturer in Food Technology and Innovation Dr Leo Stevenson, who helped to organise the event added: “I’m hoping we can expand on this type of collaboration going forward, as it’s a great way to provide our students with practical experience and on community based projects.”

Published on 21/08/2019