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Police Federation recommendation for Professor Galina Paramei’s research

Research by Professor Galina Paramei has been recommended for a report to the Police Federation.

Following a presentation at the Colour in Employment Symposium, Professor Paramei was approached by Ché Donald, Vice-Chairman of the Police Federation in England and Wales.

Mr Donald suggested the Psychology Lecturer’s findings on acceleration of chromatic discrimination decline after 60 years old should be shared with senior members of the Federation.

It was noted that with the retirement age of UK police firearms officers having recently changed from 60 to 67, the research could be pertinent, as it highlights the possible professional risks where colour perception is inherent in operational functions.

Talking at the symposium, Professor Paramei discussed Variation of chromatic discrimination across the life span: Implications for colour-vision demanding occupations.

The event brought together colour vision scientists and ophthalmologists, as well as occupational professionals from aviation, maritime agency, shipbuilding, police etc, who deal with applicants' diagnostics of colour vision (abnormality), to ensure safety of professional performance.

Published on 24/05/2018