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Professor Neil Ferguson speaks at terrorism research conference

The Society for Terrorism Research (STR) heard from Professor Neil Ferguson in his keynote address on the radicalisation of young militants.

Speaking at the 12th Annual International Conference, the Lecturer in Psychology delivered a lecture entitled; Dedicated to the cause: Identity Development and Violent Extremism.

This built on his research with Northern Irish paramilitary groups, which demonstrates the crucial role played by collective identity and sense of attachment to community in the radicalisation of young militants. The research also demonstrates how this radicalised identity is an important factor in sustaining engagement in extremism and in the disengagement or de-radicalisation process.

STR has a global membership of social science researchers focused on enhancing knowledge and understanding of terrorism and political violence. The 2018 conference focused on highlighting academic research on political violence/aggression, terrorism and counter terrorism; promoting collaboration between academic, security and counter-terrorism policymakers; and exploring way of translating research findings to multiple audiences, agencies and communities.

Published on 11/09/2018