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Professor Paramei attends prestigious Humboldt colloquium

Former fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Professor Galina Paramei attended an interdisciplinary colloquium with Psychology PhD student Ann-Kathrin Johnen.

Around 200 alumni of the foundation, young researchers and guests were invited to the University of Oxford for the ‘Moving Forward - The UK-German Research Network in a Changing World’ colloquium.

It served to provide a discussion on British-German research relations, as well as information on bilateral UK-German research funding opportunities, for networking and scientific exchange.

Both Professor Paramei and Ann-Kathrin presented their research topics to an audience of experts, while fellow Humboldtians reported on their experiences in Germany.

Professor Paramei said: “The colloquium was an extremely valuable experience and information treasure. Both presentations were very well attended and instigated lively discussions of the interested.”

Elsewhere, Professor Paramei gave a talk at the Institute of Information Transmission Problems (ITTP) at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

Head of the academy’s Visual Systems Lab Professor Galina I. Rozhkova invited Professor Paramei to discuss ‘Colour Vision: From the Retina to Cortical Centres’.

The talk was attended by around 50 staff from the institute, as well as two colleagues from the Perception Lab of the Faculty of Psychology at Lomonosov Moscow State University, and a colleague from the School of Psychology, National Research University Higher School of Economics.

Professor Paramei also met with the IITP Director Professor Andrei N. Sobolevski, and it was agreed that, as a colour vision scientist, Professor Paramei will join an IITP-NASA cooperation project "SIRIUS-2". This is investigating changes in sensory and psychophysiological functions caused by four-month isolation - a simulation of the astronauts' condition in a future four-month NASA flight to the Moon. She will also step in as a consultant of a PhD developing an algorithm, based on the knowledge of mechanisms human visual system functioning, for compression of multispectral images.

Published on 24/05/2018