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Psychology department to host interactive sessions at TATE Liverpool

Academics from Liverpool Hope’s Psychology department have teamed up with TATE Liverpool to host a series of interactive sessions using eye tracking software.

From 3rd – 16th February 2020, members of the public will be able to take part in sessions designed to Explore new ways of looking at art.

Dr Letizia Palumbo, Dr Neil Harrison and Professor Nicholas Donnelly, who are part of the Vision and Cognition Research Group at Liverpool Hope, will run the project, which is based on their scientific research.

Participants will be invited to view a series of artworks in the gallery while wearing a pair of portable eye-tracking glasses. The technology tracks what the viewer likes or dislikes by revealing heat maps of eye movements.

Following a series of activities, art experts, psychologists and visual scientists will discuss the findings.

The interactive sessions will be followed by a symposium on Friday 20th March, entitled Seeing Art with an Expert’s Eye.

Dr Letizia Palumbo and Dr Neil Harrison will run the event, which will explore findings from the TATE Exchange programme. Book your place here.

Published on 17/12/2019