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Psychology Research Seminar Series

The Psychology department has announced a new Research Seminar Series for the advent term.

Launching the series is the new Head of Psychology Professor Nick Donnelly, who will discuss how visual perception research can improve the public’s detection of threats.

Professor Donnelly will provide insights into experiments that explore factors that influence the speed and accuracy of detection of targets in visual search tasks. He will discuss how the relevance of the findings when applied to real world scenarios, such as the detection of threats in x-ray images of baggage.

The series will continue with a seminar presented by Tobiasz Trawinski, entitled How do naïve beholders see paintings? This will explore the relationship between portraits and other representational paintings’ properties and the eye movements made by naïve spectators, to reveal how a spectator’s cognitive responses gives an insight into human visual processing.

Professor Donnelly will open the seminar series on Wednesday 3rd October, 4pm, Hope Park Sports Building 106.

Download the full Psychology Research Seminar Series

For further information, please contact organiser Dr Nicole Jones via

Published on 28/09/2018