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Radio DJ Role for Hope Student

Meg Flower Radio DJ

A student at Hope has seized the opportunity to become one of the North West’s most exciting new radio DJs. 

Meg Flower is a first year Film & Visual Culture student and Hope and also an aspiring movie maker and actress. 

And Meg, 19, is also in the unusual position of having secured a role as a presenter at Bolton FM, a multi-award winning community radio station first launched in 2009. 

Meg, originally from Sheffield, first volunteered at the station as a producer, working behind the scenes on the flagship drive time show.

But amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, the station found itself short of presenters - and asked Meg to step in. 

She laughs: “This is my first time doing radio and it came about really quickly. 

“I didn’t have any sort of formal training. It was very much a case of, ‘Okay, what do I have to do here?’

“But I’ve really enjoyed my time there and it’s been a great experience.”

Meg was initially given a musical theatre show, airing on a Thursday between 6-8pm. 

But she’s also had the chance to present a movie programme, too. 

She adds: “It’s been a steep learning curve and I’ve discovered just how labour intensive radio can be. 

“I write all of my links beforehand so I’m not having to do things on the spot. 

“And it takes preparation - around seven hours a week - to produce a two hour broadcast. 

“I’ve been involved in musical theatre since I was 12 years old, so it’s a real passion of mine, 

“Meanwhile it’s been great fun filling-in for another presenter on the movie programme. 

“I talked about Alfred Hitchcock, having just written an essay on the director as part of my studies at Hope, and we also discussed Bodyguard actor Richard Madden. 

“I’ve tried to make the show my own, and it was interesting moving from the musical theatre broadcast, which is meticulously planned, to a broadcast which is much more conversational.”

Meg Flower Bolton FM Radio DJ

For Meg the radio slot is as much about furthering her career as it is making a positive gesture during a pandemic. 

She reveals: “I wanted to do something to help out, even if I can just keep a few people smiling through this current situation. 

“But a career in radio was never the original plan - my goal is to become a film writer or director.”

To that effect, Meg has already produced her own short film, ‘Couples Tag’, which you can watch here, and which Meg also stars in. 

It’s a hard-hitting story of domestic abuse, seen through the eyes of a YouTube influencer. 

Meg adds: “I’ve always admired Quentin Tarantino. He’s such a control freak he writes, directs and stars in his own films, and that’s something I’d like to do, too.”

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Published on 29/06/2020