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Radio Guest Slot for Hope Academic

Professor Davismoon with Fabbriciani

Don’t touch that dial - because Liverpool Hope University’s Professor Stephen Davismoon is a special guest on a unique radio show this week.   

Professor Davismoon is Hope’s Head of School for Creative and Performing Arts and is also an award-winning composer of orchestral and choral music. 

As he eagerly anticipates a return to Hope’s Creative Campus, he’s been invited to share some of his favourite pieces with Big Bubble Radio - an eclectic online radio station based in Kent - for a revealing two-part series. 

Professor Davismoon, a writer and live performer of electronic and interactive soundscape pieces, discusses the talents of composers like Edgard Varese, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Luigi Nono, Eduard Artemyev, Kaija Saariaho and Luc Ferrera. 

And the show - The Synth Show with The Coastal Electronauts - also features music from Professor Davismoon himself. 

He says: “I was delighted to have been asked to curate a show for this programme.  It’s always a great listen.  

“The hosts Peter Coyte and Clive Walpole are extremely open to the work that they feature and profoundly knowledgeable about the techniques and technology used by a wide variety of artists across all genres; they always produce the shows with a healthy amount of good humour too.  

“It was wonderful for me to have the space to reflect upon a variety of electronic music artists that have been and continue to be important to me.”

It’s already been a year of personal celebration for Professor Davismoon. 

In May this year, music he composed featured on a new album, Flute XXI.  

The CD sees highly-respected Italian flautist and composer Roberto Fabbriciani performing a series of works created by some of his favourite composers. 

And Tuscan-born Fabbriciani handpicked two pieces of music written by Professor Stephen Davismoon - entitled ‘Mist’, and ‘Branches Against a White Sky’. 

Professor Davismoon shares billing with some of the biggest names in contemporary classical music, including movie soundtrack icon Ennio Morricone as well as modern master Brian Ferneyhough.

Meanwhile The Big Bubble Radio show where Professor Davismoon acts as guest-star is ‘for people who enjoy and are interested in electronic and experimental music and also for people who are interested in the production, history and equipment used in the production of this form of music and sound art.’

If that’s you, you can listen live on Weds 9th Sept, 8pm, or when the show is repeated Thurs 10th Sept at 5am, or Sat 12th Sept 11pm. 

Alternatively, you can catch up with all the Big Bubble Radio shows - which includes genres like reggae, soul, country, jazz and metal - via their Mixcloud site.

Published on 09/09/2020