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Reflecting on the Congress so far

Delegates have been sharing their thoughts on the Youth Congress, find out what people had to say so far:

“My highlight so far has been the discussion forum - I went to the Community panel and they had some amazing speakers. They were really inspiring, I liked them very much.”
Kati, Széchenyi István University, Hungary

art @art_wain
Currently attending a really great talk on Art and Culture at @LiverpoolHopeUK for @BigHope2018! Such great people on the panel.

“I really liked the keynote on labour rights - the rights of people who are marginalised all around the world. I think it’s a really important discussion to bring up, especially in light of the many of us who were able to go this congress and be here today in the UK. We are very privileged and sometimes it’s important to get off our pedestal and remember about the marginalised, and how we can go out and help them as much as we can.”
Michelle, USA

Sam Tomlin @samjtomlin 
Had a great time at @BigHope2018 this morning on this panel [migration discussion forum]. Loved hearing the other presentations & a lively discussion afterwards.

“My highlight of the day was my Learning Track, it was a really great time - a lot of really cool people and a lot of really cool material.”
Matt, Ontario, Canada

Dr Dave Neary@DrDaveNeary
Excellent interesting session on migration @BigHope2018

“The highlight of my day was the visit to the Beatles Museum, because my mum is a very big Beatles fan. I learnt a lot about The Beatles and all of their music. It was a really fun and informative experience.”
Amrutha, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Kashf Shah @shahkapakistan
Absolutely a treat listening to this amazing panel on Environment & Technology chaired by Paul, panellists including Prof Luca, Neil Thomas, Steve, Paul Allen #BigHope2  

Published on 01/07/2018