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Rev Dr Tony Bradley explores Islamic finance in new book

A new publication co-edited/co-authored by Professional Tutor in Business Rev Dr Tony Bradley has been published by Beacon Academic.

Integral to Islamic Finance: A Semiotic Approach is described as demonstrating a ‘perfect blend between the theoretical foundations of ethical finance, practical Islamic finance, and the future of finance, where financial laboratories are moulded for human happiness', by CEO of TrustBond Mortgage Bank Plc Adeniyi Akinlusi. 

Written in conjunction with Ronnie Lessem, Aneeqa Malik, and Basheer Oshodi, the book seeks to reposition an understanding of money and accounting, placing the re-discovered - at least for the Western world - ancient system of 'Islamic finance' centre stage.

The publishers describe how the authors ‘revisit the Golden Age, when the Arab world played a centring role in the world at large, alongside the emergent role of Islamic finance in contemporary economics’.

Forming part of the Insight in Semiotic Economics series, the book seeks to explore the new subdiscipline’s focus on the teaching of economics and its connection to real world events.

Published on 13/05/2020