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Rousing keynote speeches promote leading by example

Premier League football, the future work landscape and global educational transformation were among the topics addressed in today’s (June 15th) Big Hope 2 keynote speeches.

Delegates heard from Director of Marketing and Communications at Everton Football Club Richard Kenyon, General Secretary of UNI Global Union Phil Jennings, and former Home Secretary the Rt. Hon. Charles Clarke.

All three shared their experiences and visions for the future, while encouraging the next generation to shake the status quo.

During a rousing speech, Phil Jennings told the audience to ‘be courageous’. He stated: “This is a time for you to express your courage, seize the opportunities you have, nudge the world to a better place. It’s your world, seize it, change it.”

He highlighted the power of the people to make a difference and improve their world, explaining how there is still much to be done to address issues such as child labour across the globe.

Richard Kenyon also touched on the importance of helping those around us, describing how Everton Football Club works with the local community to improve the lives of the next generation. He explained how the Club has invested in derelict local buildings to create a space for children and families to get involved in the sport and be part of a Club that cares.

The theme of leading by example was a central theme in the Rt. Hon. Charles Clarke’s keynote, as he explained how strong leadership is the key to making schools succeed. He discussed the inequality that still exists in education, and how there should be opportunities for all, not just the best students.

He stated: “Everybody should have high aspirations for children - every teacher, every parent, every community should have high aspirations for children, to help them fulfil their potential.”

The day’s Discussion Forums covered education, sport, art and culture, and community, with delegates hearing about the challenges of ensuring equality across society. Questions such as do children begin school at too young an age, and what social responsibilities should organisations face, were debated by the panel and audience members.

Following this afternoon’s Learning Track workshops, delegates will be treated to a special Carnatic Music Performance by Dr Jayanthi Kumaresh and KU Jayachandra Rao. The weekend promises further excitement, with a series of day trips to some of the region’s key attractions.

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Published on 15/06/2018