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School of Education Rallies Round Colleague

The School of Education at Liverpool Hope University is rallying around a much-loved colleague who is raising money for cancer treatment abroad.   

Dr Henry Kum is lecturer in Education Studies at Hope, specialising in the study of refugee and other marginalised children, particularly when it comes to inclusivity and social exclusion.

Dr Kum is battling both lymphoma and prostate cancer. 

According to his GoFundMe page, recent biopsies indicate that the cancers have metastasised to the bones and other parts of the body ‘and are spreading aggressively despite interventions’. 

Dr Kum is being treated and cared for by the NHS. 

But in addition to that care, he’s also seeking specialist assistance at an institute in Turkey staffed by professionals from America’s Boston University, where he’ll undergo procedures such as Mesenchymal stem cell therapy (MSCT) and surgery. 

Harry Kuchah, a friend of Dr Kum’s and who set up the crowdfunding initiative, writes: “For those of us who have known Henry for close to 50 years now, he has always been the go-to person for moral, psychological, material and financial support and we know that there are hundreds of people out there who have benefitted from his friendship, kindness, positivity and cheeky sense of humour. The news of his deteriorating health condition has come as a shock to us even though he has continued to come across as the strong, friendly and kind-hearted friend we have always known him to be.

“For us his friends, Henry is someone who has dedicated his life to helping the underprivileged and privileged alike without expecting anything back. So to hear him expressing a frailty, for the first time ever, has shocked us. We are reaching out to all friends and well-wishers to join us raise funds to help Henry cover his medical bills. Nothing can ever be too small to help and we trust that apart from donating, you will also put him in your prayers.”

The crowdfunding campaign has so far raised £10,319 of the £90,000 target. 

Dr Olga Ververi, Lecturer in Education Studies at Hope, adds: “Unfortunately, the NHS cannot help Henry win his battle and he is taking therapy abroad which is rather costly. 

Henry needs our financial support urgently. I believe that we have to support each other and make sure that we act as a family, even if we have never met in person. We are Liverpool Hope, and what we can offer Henry is exactly this; Hope.”

If you’d like to donate, you can do so here

Published on 18/11/2020