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Sir Mark Hedley talks about his life as High Court judge

Honorary Professor of Law Sir Mark Hedley shared insights into his life as a High Court judge in an interview with the Liverpool Echo.

He explained how having spent time in Liverpool as a student, convinced him he wanted to make the city his home.

Originally from London, Sir Mark has lived in the Everton area for 43 years and seen his career go from strength to strength.

He told the paper: “Every judge needs calmness, a sense of fairness and an awareness of the responsibility and power that they have. The difference with being a High Court judge is that you are doing the most difficult work of all and that requires both a high-quality intellect and a discernment and understanding of your fellow human beings.”

Sir Mark shared candid stories from his time as a judge, along with his own thoughts on the legal system in a recent series of free lectures held at Liverpool Hope.

The lecture series explored the following areas:

  • The Modern Judge: Power, Responsibility and Society’s Expectations
  • What is Truth? The Relationship Between Truth, Proof and Justice
  • The State and the Private Life: Should the State Intervene to Protect?
  • Welfare and Best Interests: Public, Personal or Judicial Values?
  • The Sentence of the Court: What is Society’s Purpose?

You can watch the full series here. 

Published on 20/03/2018