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Students bring woodland species to Hope Park

Students and staff joined together with Richard Scott of the ‘Wildflower Centre’ to plant native woodland species on Hope Park.

The work aims to create a rich woodland flora, and is part of a project to provide a woodland trail that mitigates the impact of new sport developments, and provides enjoyment and contact with nature for students and staff. 

Paul Rooney, Assistant Head of the Geography and Environmental Science Department, said: “Hope Park is one of four campuses at Liverpool Hope University. With over 600 trees on this site, and multiple ‘Tree Preservation Orders’ reflecting the value of the woodland environment, our work today helps to secure a hopeful, beautiful and biodiverse future for our university estate.”

The ‘Wildflower Centre’ lead an initiative called the ‘Northern Flowerhouse’. After the planting on Hope Park, those participating signed their book to demonstrate their support for initiatives that conserve the natural environment and celebrate its beauty.

Speaking about the planting, Lecturer in Environmental Science Dr Jennifer Clear said: “It was great to see students volunteer on a cold wintry day and join this practical task to enhance our beautiful university campus. Working with students were support staff and academics alike. This reflects the common stake we have in our university environment.”

Published on 07/12/2018