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Swiss new music festival to feature Dr Manuella Blackburn’s work

Dr Manuella Blackburn's music composition Snap happy (2017) has been selected for performance at this year's Ars Electronica Forum Wallis International competition.

The Forum Wallis is one the major Swiss festivals for New Music and this year it will take place in Schloss, Leuk, Switzerland on Friday 18th May.

Featuring interdisciplinary, chamber music and experimental formats, sound walks, 
art exhibitions and new electronic music, the festival will feature 50 works by composers from 25 countries.

Dr Blackburn, who is a Senior Lecturer in Music at Hope, was nominated for a Computer Space award for Snap Happy (2017).

The piece is part of a series of compositions that deal with small particle-like sound material, which is restructured into larger forms.

Dr Blackburn recorded a number of different cameras as source material for this work, including Francis Vose's collection of cameras held at Liverpool Hope University. 

Published on 24/05/2018