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US academic to join live webinar on Donald Trump

The lack of detail on foreign policy in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign leaves a range of questions about how America’s global role will change following his election.

Liverpool Hope University Lecturer Dr Robert Busby and Dr Jacqueline Reich of Chestnut Hill College in Pennsylvania, US, will explore this theme in a live webinar on Tuesday 28th February.

The transatlantic collaboration will discuss Trump, US Grand Strategy and prospects of war and peace.

Dr Robert Busby's talk focuses on Trump’s world view, his likely actions and how a new grand strategy will have repercussions far beyond the North America continent. 

Dr Jacqueline Reich's presentation will discuss the ways that Trump’s preferred direction in foreign policy both differs and remains similar to American grand strategy of the past; it will also briefly gauge the likelihood that Trump will succeed in achieving his preferred foreign policy direction.

The webinar will be held on Tuesday 28th February, 4 – 6pm in the Learning Lab, EDEN Building, Liverpool Hope University, Hope Park, L19 9JD.

The event is free and open to the public. 

Published on 20/03/2018