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Associate Professor Zoe Kinsley

0151 291 3851 .

My principal research interests are British home tour travel writing, and poetic and prose depictions of landscape and place more generally, from the late seventeenth to the early nineteenth century. I am also very interested in book history, manuscript culture, and networks of authorship and reading. My current work includes exploration of literary depictions of the British coastline, alongside ongoing work on the scrapbooks of Dorothy Richardson (1748-1819). For many years now I have had the pleasure of collaborating with colleagues working on travel writing in other Liverpool universities, and I am one of the co-founders of the Liverpool Travel Seminar which has developed a network of scholars interested in travel writing in and beyond Liverpool. Publications which are the product of that collaboration include Keywords for Travel Writing Studies (Anthem, 2019) which I co-edited with Charles Forsdick and Kate Walchester, and a forthcoming special issue of Studies in Travel Writing on ‘Vertical Travel: Deceleration, Microspection, Confinement’. I would be happy to supervise postgraduate work in any of the fields mentioned above.

Selected Publications

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