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Dr Ana Be Pereira

Disability Studies
0151 291 3117
Liberal Arts, Education and Social Sciences

I am currently a Lecturer in Education and Disability Studies at the Faculty of Education where I am involved in the Special Educational Needs (SEN) course. I am also a member of the Centre for Culture and Disability Studies.

My research is located primarily in disability studies, feminist theory and education, it also draws from critical and cultural studies. As such, my work is very interdisciplinary and is concerned primarily with issues of social justice and social change.

I came to Liverpool Hope after concluding my PhD research at Lancaster University in 2014. In my thesis the focus of inquiry was the daily experiences of people living with a chronic illness in England and Portugal.

Conceptualizing chronic illness as a category of impairment and employing the use of narrative methods, which involved soliciting first-person accounts, the research focused mainly on determining the role of ableism and disablism in people’s lives – how society and culture influence standards of wellbeing, access and accommodation for people living with chronic illnesses – as well as exploring the lay knowledges and strategies people develop with and through their experience of impairment, which are often not recognized by established systems of knowledge such as biomedicine.

Part of the research focused on the experiences of students attending Higher Education in England and Portugal and the challenges and access barriers they face as well as the everyday strategies they develop.