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Dr Annalaura Alifuoco

Drama, Dance and Performance
0151 291 3915

Short Biography:

I am a practitioner and scholar interested in exploring performance as a relational practice that engenders thinking, feelings and atmospheres. I hold a First-Class Honours degree in Performing Arts from London Metropolitan University, and an MA Distinction in Physical Theatre and Performance from Royal Holloway University of London. In 2014, I completed an AHRC funded doctorate at the University of Roehampton on the relation between performance histories and affected, wounded bodies. 

I am currently a Lecturer on the Drama and Performance Studies undergraduate courses, and Co-Programme Leader of the MA Performance – a unique postgraduate training working to establish the professional identity of emerging practitioners in the art industries via creative and ethical engagement with interdisciplinary practice-as-research methods.

Research Interests:

My current research practice explores contemporary and experimental performance as a framework for affective forms of communication. This approach conceives of bodily and sensory experience as a field of knowledge, offering new methodological ways of orienting and analysing the artistic event. 

To date, I have supervised several postgraduate dissertation projects focusing on identity, inter-media performance and theatricality. I would be interested in discussing potential projects exploring contemporary performance-making practices, performance philosophies, queer methodologies, diversity studies, affective politics, and material agencies. 

Practice-based Approaches:

Alongside my academic research, I create performances, as solo and in collaboration. This activity reflects on the ways in which affects, sensations and rhythms animate – or render 'alive' – the sites where performance happens, and how to make sense of it after the fact. The critical and physical forms this work takes, focuses on micro-actions of social repair for bodies and their relation to, and impact on, aesthetic, ethical, political and ecological life.

Teaching Methods:

My training methods focus on how bodies relationally orient themselves to spaces, times, encounters, objects, ideas, and other entities through sensory interplay. I use extended techniques derived from Performance and Live Art strategies and combined art disciplines to test and develop physical embodied consciousness and awareness, via intuition, improvisation and invention.  

School Roles:

  • Co-coordinator of MA Performance
  • Year Leader of Level H BA Drama and Theatre Studies
  • Member of the Equality and Diversity Steering Committee
  • Union Rep (UCU) for the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Education, and Social Science

List of Publications:

  • 'Holding Out: The Sacred Space of Suspense and Sustainable Ethics' (forthcoming), in Performance of Sacred Places: Politics and Ecologies.
  • ‘Where’s the Passion? Or, Feelings are Facts, and Forms’ (forthcoming), in RiDE: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance.
  • 'The Tear that Tears the Ocean: Bas Jan Ader and the Search for the Miraculous' (2019), in Liquidscapes, pages 49-54.
  • '"Alive" Performance: Toward an Immersive Activist Philosophy' (2017), in Performance Philosophy Journal Volume 3 No 1, pages 126-145.
  • 'Crabface, Wounded Woman and Buttman: Refiguring moving, infecting temporalities' (2014), in Performance Research Volume 19 Issue 3, pages 83-87.