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Dr Annalaura Alifuoco

Drama, Dance and Performance
0151 291 3915 .

Short Biography:

I am a human animal, educator, artist. I read, cycle, wander and play. Through writing and performance, I research relationships among queerness, performativity, materiality, nature, space and time. Born in Italy, where I grew up, I now live under the herons of Liverpool by the Mersey River.

My training methods are derived from physical theatre, experimental performance, live art strategies and combined art disciplines. The emerging work includes theatrical explorations combining objects, ambients and textures; contemplative actions that seek to transgress received narratives; physical scores for non-verbal storytelling.

Research interests include performance aesthetics, ethics, contemporary philosophies, queer methodologies, intersectional studies, affect theory, posthumanism and new materialism. Recent collaborations include the art + science project Endosymbiotic Love Calendar, involving performance artists and microbiologists working together to embody a microorganism for every month of 2021.

School Roles:

  • Co-Leader of MA Contemporary Performance
  • Year Leader of Level I BA Drama
  • Senior Academic Advisor for Academic Conduct and Plagiarism

List of Publications:

  • 'Non-art and Other Non-philosophical Relations: An Essay on Fugitive Plasticity' (2021), in Shakespeare, S., Malone, N. and Anderson, G. (eds.). Art Disarming PhilosophyLondon: Rowman & Littlefield, pp. 187-216.
  • 'Holding Out: The Sacred Space of Suspense and Sustainable Ethics' (2021), in Battists, S (ed.) Performance of Sacred Places: Politics and EcologiesIntellect, pp. 104-127.
  • 'Where's the passion? Or, feelings are facts, and forms' (2020), Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance, 25(3), 335-350, DOI: 10.1080/13569783.2020.1770065.
  • 'The Tear that Tears the Ocean: Bas Jan Ader and the Search for the Miraculous' (2019), in Povall, R. (ed.) Liquidscapes, pp. 49-54.
  • 'Alive Performance: Toward an Immersive Activist Philosophy' (2017), Performance Philosophy, 3(1), 126-145. DOI:
  • 'Crabface, Wounded Woman and Buttman: Refiguring moving, infecting temporalities' (2014), Performance Research, 19(3), 83-87, DOI: 10.1080/13528165.2014.935163.