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Dr Catherine Thompson

0151 291 3412

I am a cognitive psychologist with a background in experimental psychology. I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Lincoln and then completed an MSc in Psychological Research Methods and a PhD in Psychology at the University of Nottingham. Following my PhD, I worked as a post-doctoral researcher on a one-year project funded by the ESRC. I started working as a Senior Lecturer at Liverpool Hope University in September 2022 and prior to that I worked as a Lecturer at the University of Salford.

My research focuses on visual attention and top-down control, and I am particularly interested in using low-level theories of attention and control to model and understand behaviour in real-world settings. Since starting my PhD, I have been investigating the persistence of top-down attentional set (an effect termed "attentional inertia") and I have applied my work to the field of driving and to occupational settings in which habitual behaviours may pose a safety risk.

I am also interested in emotional and environmental influences on cognition and wellbeing, such as the effects of emotion on visual attention, and the beneficial impact of nature environments on attention restoration. I have gained funding for my research from the British Academy/Leverhulme Trust, the Experimental Psychology Society, the British Psychological Society, and the Fire Service Research and Training Trust.


Selected Publications:

Bendall, R. C. A., Eachus, P., & Thompson, C. (2022). The influence of stimuli valence, extraversion, and emotion regulation on visual search within real-world scenes. Scientific Reports, 12, 948, 1-10.

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