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Dr Cathy Walsh

Data Team
0151 291 3826

I achieved my BSc (Hons) from the University of Liverpool in 1987, studying dual honours in Biochemistry and Medical Cell Biology. My interest in the cellular basis of human disease led me into a PhD post at The University of Liverpool working in the laboratory of Professor James Gallagher. I gained my doctorate in 1992 for a thesis investigating the link between breast cancer metastasis and bone cell function. Following a career as a research associate and a fellow in Professor Gallagher's group, I moved to Liverpool Hope in 1999, taking up a lectureship position in Human Biology. I am currently a principal lecturer based in the multi-disciplinary team in the Department of Health and Social Sciences and have, during this time, developed a strong research interest in the pedagogy of bioscience teaching in higher education.

My current area of research is based in the areas of student retention, engagement and achievement, with a focus on the specific issues facing bioscience academics and undergraduate students. The Bioscience Pedagogy Research Group, which I am currently leading, is developing a body of publications in this area with the aim of establishing how best practice in teaching and learning can be used to enhance the quality of graduates from bioscience undergraduate programs. Teaching the biological basis of human disease is my primary role within the Human Biology team at Hope, although I also contribute to the delivery of biochemical and metabolic principles to students across the department including those reading Nutrition and Health. Alongside my role as principal lecturer I work with the Registrar’s team as a Faculty Senior Academic Advisor. This role is focussed on student support and guidance and is a role that I particularly enjoy. In addition, I represent the Department on a number of university wide committees, including Academic Quality Committee.