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Dr Danyal Khan


I embarked on my academic journey more than 13 years ago, driven by a profound passion for the field of law. My educational odyssey began with undergraduate studies in law, where I laid the foundation for my future pursuits. Subsequently, I delved deeper into the realm of legal knowledge, earning a master's degree in Corporate Law. During 2020, I joined Brunel Law School as a doctoral researcher. There, I dedicated myself to rigorous research, culminating in a Ph.D. in Law. My doctoral thesis focused on the critical issue of access to medicines as an international human right, reflecting my commitment to addressing pressing societal challenges through rigorous academic inquiry.

Today, I have the privilege of serving as a lecturer at the School of Law and Criminology at Liverpool Hope University. In this role, I am entrusted with the responsibility of shaping the minds of the next generation of legal scholars. In 2019, I was deeply honored to receive The Teaching Excellence Award from Brunel Pathway College at Brunel University London, a recognition of my dedication to education and my commitment to nurturing the potential of my students.

My research interests span a wide spectrum within the field of law. I have delved into areas such as intellectual property rights, human rights law with a special emphasis on health, and the intricate domain of medical negligence. My contributions take the form of scholarly articles and book chapters, each aimed at expanding the body of knowledge in these areas and contributing to the broader legal community.

Beyond my role in academia, I actively engage with the legal community through participation in academic and professional organizations. These include the UCL Faculty of Laws, Brunel Law School, and the British Institute of Comparative and International Law. This involvement keeps me at the forefront of legal scholarship and fosters collaborations with peers who share my dedication to advancing the field.

In my commitment to the principles of justice and access to legal assistance, I also volunteer with local organizations. This allows me to offer legal advice and support to those in need, extending the reach of my legal acumen beyond the classroom and academic journals.

In essence, I am a passionate educator and a trailblazing researcher, poised to make lasting contributions to the field of law and society at large. My journey in academia and my commitment to serving the community continue to shape my mission to advance legal knowledge and promote justice.


Selected Publications:

Ø   ‘Analysis of adolescents' perception and awareness level for Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in Pakistan’ (2023) 6 (1) Health Science Reports

Ø   ‘Redefining the interaction between patents and access to medicines; will World Trade Organisation (WTO) show solidarity by accommodating human rights?’ (2022) 6 The Asian Yearbook of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. Brill Nijhoff

Ø   ‘Access to COVID-19 Vaccination for Transgender Community in Multan, Pakistan’ (2022) Health Care for Women International (1.373 Impact Factor) Doi:

Ø   Toward creating equity in access to COVID-19 vaccination for female population in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan (2021) Health Care for Women International Doi: 10.1080/07399332.2021.1988952 (SSCI Indexed)

Ø   ‘Predictive modelling of COVID-19 death cases in Pakistan’ (2020) 5 Infectious Disease Modelling Pages 897-904 (Elsevier Journal from Science Direct with impact factor: 2.318, ESSCI Indexed, indexed in Scopus and Web of Sciences)

Ø   ‘Pandemic-Plus: The Covid-19 Lockdown and Its Correlation with Domestic Violence’ (2020) 3 Pakistan Journal of Social Research 49-54

Ø   ‘Role of Medicine Patent Pool (MPP) in Resolving Conflict between Patents and Access to Essential Medicines’ (2020) 9 (3) European Online Journal of Natural and Social Sciences 601-609

Ø   ‘Relationship between Literature, Copy Rights, and Creative Economy; a Research’ (2019) 33 Analysis in Journal of Research

Ø   ‘Intellectual Property Rights and Creative Economy; Way Forward for Pakistan’ (2019) 5 (3) Review of Economics and Development Studies

Ø   ‘Modelling the Role of Maternal Care in the Educational and Health Development of the Children’ (2019) 8 European Online Journal of Natural and Social Sciences (Indexed in Web of Sciences)

Ø   ‘Domestic Violence against Women: Statistical Analysis and Legislative Solutions’ (2018) 8 European Online Journal of Natural and Social Sciences 2019;                                               374-380 (Indexed in Web of Sciences)

Ø   ‘Cyber-Bullying in Pakistan; Statistical Analysis of Legal and Social Framework’  (2018) 3 44 (3) Employee Relation Law (Indexed in Scopus)

Ø   ‘Reduction of Economic Burden on State Exchequer by Using Various International Legal Flexibilities under TRIPS Agreement 1994 of WTO’ (2018) 4 (1) Review of Economics and Development Studies