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Dr Emad Tariq

Business Management/Marketing
0151 291 3406

Dr. Emad worked as senior academic and module leader of  management and marketing at Huddersfield Business School. He holds a PhD degree from University of Hudderesfield, as well as obtained his MBA degree from Rotterdam School of Management, as well.

In addition to his seven years in academic teaching at Huddersfield Business School and University of Amsterdam. He had worked in industry for twenty years at international leading cybersecurity and networking enterprises through strategic planning, project management, digital management and strategies.

His current research interests are exploring and optimization of digital business management to improve corporate resources and organizational performance within the intelligence process of B2B/B2C/B2G. Within one year, Dr. Emad conducted successful researches in cybersecurity analysis, consumer behavior, digital marketing, business intelligence, CSR and business sustainability and his researches appeared at Q1 Scopus journals.

Interestingly, Dr. Emad now holds the position of Chair of the specials session at the 15th International Conference of Developments in eSystems Engineering (AI, Robotics, Sensors, and Industry 4.0). The special session is organized and support by Liverpool Hope University with session title: "Artificial Intelligence (AI): Intangible Challenges and Potential Solutions"


Research Expertise and Interests 

  • Digital business management

  • Digital Marketing / Social Media Marketing/ Social Media Analytics

  • Influencer Marketing

  • AI Marketing 

  • Cybersecurity Analysis

  • Inter-functional coordination

Latest Publications

Tariq, E., Alshurideh, M., Akour, I., & Al-Hawary, S. (2022). The effect of digital marketing capabilities on organizational ambidexterity of the information technology sector. International Journal of Data and Network Science, 6(2), 401-408.

Tariq, E., Alshurideh, M., Akour, I., Al-Hawary, S., & Kurdi, B. (2022). The role of digital marketing, CSR policy and green marketing in brand development. International Journal of Data and Network Science6(3), 995-1004.

Kurdi, B., Alshurideh, M., Akour, I., Tariq, E., AlHamad, A., & Alzoubi, H. (2022). The effect of social media influencers’ characteristics on consumer intention and attitude toward Keto products purchase intention. International Journal of Data and Network Science6(4), 1135-1146

Al-Makhariz, L.S.A., Alalwneh, K.M.N., Tariq, E., Izhiman, N.M.F., Al-Mzary, M.M. and Alshurideh, M.T., Universities’ Role in Developing Vocational Education. Information Sciences Journal, 12(5), 1707-1716