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Dr Eve Binks

0151 291 3814 .

I received my PhD from the University of Liverpool in 2007 in the area of social and political psychology. Since obtaining my PhD my research in this area has expanded, with specific interests in social identity theory, the psychological impact of exposure of political violence and conflict, the psychology of religion, and developing integrated understandings of the processes involved in radicalization. I have presented my research at national and international conferences and have been involved in international research projects with researchers from the United States, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and Israel. I am a manuscript reviewer for peer-reviewed journals such as Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, Political Psychology, British Journal of Social Psychology, Social Behaviour and Personality, and the Journal of Strategic Security. I hold Chartered Psychologist status with The British Psychological Society, am a fellow of the American Psychological Association, and hold membership of the International Society for Political Psychology, the Inter-University Seminar for Armed Forces and Society, and the International Sociological Association. 

My teaching responsibilities span undergraduate and postgraduate courses where I have responsibility for delivering or contributing to courses including Social Psychology, the Psychology of Religion, Peace and Conflict, Research Methods. I supervise dissertations at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, have supported PhD students, and have served as a PhD examiner.  I hold fellowship status with the Higher Education Academy.

Selected Publications:

Kachtan, D.G. & Binks, E. (2020) Soldiers' perceptions and expectations of convertig military capital - the cases of Israeli and British militaries. Sociological Inquiry, Advance Online Publication, DOI:10.1111/soin.12397 

Binks, E. & Cambridge, S. (2018) The transition experiences of British military veterans. Political Psychology, 39, 1, 125-142.

Binks, E. & Ferguson, N. (2015) Understanding Radicalization and engagement in terrorism through religious conversion motifs. Journal of Strategic Security, 8, 1, 16-26.

Binks, E. & Ferguson, N. (2014) Identities in Diaspora: Social, National and Political Identities of the Irish and Northern Irish in England. Contemporary Social Sciences,9, 3, 298-310.

Binks, E. & Ferguson N. (2013) Diasporic Religion: The Irish and Northern Irish in England. Irish Journal of Psychology, 34, 3, 1-11.

Binks, E. (2012) The Function of Religious Beliefs and Practices: Buffering the Impact of Exposure to Traumatic Events. In C. Simmonds-Moore (Ed) Essays on Health and Exceptional Human Experiences. UK: McFarland