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Dr Graham Reeve

Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering
0151 291 3186

PhD from The University of Liverpool, (2012).
Postdoctoral Researcher, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil, (2012-2014).   
Post Gradate Diploma in Secondary Education, Liverpool John Moores University, (2016).
Hourly Paid Lecturer at The University of Liverpool (2016-2017).
Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at Liverpool Hope University (2017-2018).
Lecturer at Liverpool Hope University (2018 - Present).

Research interests: My research primarily concerns singularity theory and its application to problems in generic differential geometry.

Keywords: caustic, wavefront, affine equidistants, affine space, singularity, map germ, critical set, bifurcations, pseudo-metric, Minkowski plane, Minkowski set, curves, symmetry sets, boundary singularity, control system, indicatrix, invariant.