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Dr John Tillson

Education Studies
0151 291 3040

Dr John Tillson is a Lecturer in philosophy of education at Liverpool Hope University, Department of Education Studies. Previously he was a Teaching Fellow in the Department of Philosophy, University of Warwick, and at the Dublin City University Institute of Education  before that. He has a contract with Bloomsbury to produce a monograph based on his doctoral thesis, 'Children, Religion and the Ethics of Influence', which was completed at Dublin City University on a scholarship from the Irish Centre for Religious Education. His publications to date have addressed a cluster of closely connected questions about curriculum content, and due and undue influence in teaching, especially over pupils’ religious, political and ethical beliefs and attitudes. His research interests can be captured under the expression 'the ethics of influence'. Together with David Aldridge, he is co-editing special editions of Educational Theory and of Educational Philosophy and Theory exploring the implications of technological and neurological enhancements for education. He is a member of the philosophy of Education society of Great Britain executive committee and has presented papers at academic proceedings around Europe, North America and Australasia. He completed a BA in Philosophy at the University of Durham, and an MA in the Philosophy of Education at the Institute of Education, University College London.