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Dr John Walliss

0151 291 3884

I am currently senior lecturer in criminology within the Department of Social Science. My current research interests are in crime and justice during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. I am particularly interested in the administration of the so-called Bloody Code across England and Wales during the long eighteenth century. I have also written on representations of executions and execution crowds in the provincial press in nineteenth century England.

My previous research was in violence involving apocalyptic new religious movements. In 2004, I published 'Apocalyptic Trajectories: Millennarianism and Violence in the Contemporary World' and in subsequent years I have published several articles and book chapters developing arguments contained in the book. In 2007, I began a large project examining the influence of apocalyptic texts, imagery and motifs in popular culture. This was disseminated in two collections of essays that I co-edited (The End All Around Us, 2009; Reel Revelations, 2010) and in a series of six edited collections on the apocalypse in popular culture published with Sheffield Phoenix Press that I oversaw as series editor. As part of this project, I have also written several articles and book chapters on the pessimistic turn in US popular culture after 9/11.