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Dr Joseph Maslen

Education Studies
0151 291 3948

'incredible tutor ... made me enjoy history again' – dissertation acknowledgements, 2017
'loved my history classes with Joseph ... I feel excited to go on his zoom calls' – internal pre-NSS survey, 2021

Dr Joseph Maslen is a Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Education & Policy Analysis, specialising in research on working-class aspiration and social mobility.

His most recent article in the Journal of Education Policy (Maslen 2019) evaluates the work of the UK government's Social Mobility Commission. His historical investigation into the aspirations of working-class girls in the 1970s was published in the journal History of Education (Maslen 2017).

Significant milestones in Dr Maslen's career at Hope (2014–):
2016: began co-leading the University-level community of practice in Research-Informed Teaching
2017: awarded Commendation for Excellence in Hope's Learning and Teaching Awards
2018: awarded Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy
2021: involved in the production of the University's overall Institutional Environment Statement (IES) for REF2021


Dr Maslen received his BA, MA and PhD from the history department at the University of Manchester. Postgraduate funding came from the UK Arts and Humanities Research Board/Council, first an AHRB MA studentship (2003/4) and then another full AHRB/C studentship (awarded 2004) covering his doctoral research.

Current Funded Project

$188,966 from Templeton Religion Trust/University of Oklahoma for 2-year project (2019–21) – Personal Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance: From Values to Virtues (co-investigator)
Current Publications

Maslen, J. (20XX). Currently under review with Journal of Education Policy.

Maslen, J. (2019). Cracking the Code: The Social Mobility Commission and Education Policy Discourse. Journal of Education Policy, 34(5), 599–612. doi:10.1080/02680939.2018.1449891.

Maslen, J. (2017). The Working Class Girl of the 1970s: Reconstructing the Theoretical Field of Carolyn Steedman's The Tidy House. History of Education, 46(1), 94–107. doi:10.1080/0046760X.2016.1161082.

Previous Publications

Maslen, J. (2014). Social Movements in British History: The Invention of a Rebel Tradition? Social Movement Studies, 13(4), 514–518. doi:10.1080/14742837.2013.844065.

Maslen, J. (2013). Autobiographies of a Generation? Carolyn Steedman, Luisa Passerini and the Memory of 1968. Memory Studies, 6(1), 23–36. doi:10.1177/1750698012463891.

Maslen, J. (2012). Questioning the Cultural Memory of the 1960s: Communist Narratives in Contemporary British History. In E. Boesen et al (Eds.), Peripheral Memories: Public and Private Forms of Experiencing and Narrating the Past (pp. 203–218). Columbia University Press/Transcript-Verlag. ISBN: 9783837621167.

Maslen, J. (2010). History and the "Processing" of Class in Social Theory. In H.F. Dahms and L. Hazelrigg (Eds.), Theorizing the Dynamics of Social Processes (pp. 101–121) (Book Series: Current Perspectives in Social Theory, Volume 27). Emerald. ISBN: 9780857242235.

Maslen, J. (2010). The Personal Politics of Raphael Samuel. Biography: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly, 33(1), 209–221. doi: 10.1353/bio.0.0160.

Maslen, J. (2009). Big Punning, Large Troping and Huge Riddling: Why and How Macbeth and Other Narrative Texts Are Important and How to Deal with Them. Sociological Research Online, 14(5). doi:10.5153/sro.2067.

Maslen, J. (2007). (Ed. with S. Deasey et al) Authentic Artifice: Cultures of the Real. European Studies Research Institute, University of Salford. ISBN: 9781902496498.

Maslen, J. (2006). (Ed. with C. Baker et al) Perspectives on Conflict. European Studies Research Institute, University of Salford. ISBN: 9781905732081.

Learning and Teaching

Major responsibilities at the University have included:
  • Senior Academic Advisor, Faculty level | Jan 2017–Feb 2019
  • 'Key Practitioner' responsible for innovation in research-led teaching, Faculty level | Sep 2016–Pres
  • Quality Learning & Teaching Committee, Faculty-level | Jun 2017–Jun 2019
  • co-Leader of Research-Informed Teaching Community of Practice, University level | Nov 2016–Pres

Lecturing contributions:

Doctoral supervisions:
  • Preya Laing | EdD Feb 2021–Pres
  • Matt Thompson | EdD Sep 2020–Pres
  • Nevan Hunter | EdD Oct 2018–Pres
  • Zaina Shihabi | PhD Mar 2015–May 2019

Joseph welcomes research proposals from students in the field of education policy analysis working on social mobility and educational value-systems, especially if themed around generational change, national values and/or issues of ethnicity, gender and class.

News Archive

Jan 22, 2019 Dr Joseph Maslen speaks to Oxford seminar on social mobility
May 24, 2018 Dr Joseph Maslen develops project on fundamental British values
Mar 20, 2018 Dr Joseph Maslen shares insights at Careers Convention
Mar 20, 2018 Dr Joseph Maslen joins History of Teachers special interest group