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Dr Leo Stevenson

Nutrition and Food Science
0151 291 2184

I have academic and professional interdisciplinary experience (in food science, food technology, food innovation and the nutritional sciences) gained working across agri-food supply chains (teaching, research and enterprise) addressing both local, national and global challenges, such as food security, food safety, sustainable food production, and improved nutrition and food-related consumer behaviours.

My integrated experience of foods has involved me in areas such at the agricultural sciences (particularly crop production systems); food science (including food chemistry, food microbiology and food analysis); food processing technologies; food product development; applied human nutrition (particularly the nutritional composition of foods); dietary survey methodologies; the assessment of food environments; and involvement in public health nutrition interventions); as well as aspect of food-related consumer behaviour and wider aspects of food policy.  Recent project work has included new methods for validating dietary intake (and patterns of dietary intake); as well as evaluating nutrient profiling models and novel approaches to developing sustainable food products.  
I am a Fellow of the IFST (Institute of Food Science & Technology), a Chartered Scientist (CSci) (Science Council), a Registered Sensory Scientist (RsenSci) (Institute of Food Science & Technology) and a Registered Nutritionist (RNutr) (UK Association for Nutrition).

Recent Publications:
Farhat, G; Dewison, F; Stevenson, L (2021).  Knowledge and perceptions on non-nutritive sweeteners within the UK adult population. Nutrients, 13(2):444-458.
Lloyd, A; Wilso, T; Willis, N.D; Lyons, L; Phillips, H; Janssen, H.G; Stiegler, M; Xie, L; Tailliart, K; Beckmann, M; Stevenson, L; Mathers, J.C; Draper, J. (2020).  Developing community-based urine sampling methods to deploy biomarker technology for the assessment of dietary exposure. Public Health Nutrition, 23(17):3081-3092.

Tay, M.E; Foster, E; Stevenson, L; Brownlee, I. (2020) The adherence of Singaporean students in different educational institutions to national food-based dietary guidelines. Nutrients, 12(10): 2995.