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Dr Linda McLoughlin

0151 291 3250
Liberal Arts, Education and Social Sciences

BA, Edge Hill; MA, Lancaster; PhD, Liverpool; ILTM.

I have been Curriculum Co-ordinator for English Language since 2002 when I developed and led through validation a new English Language Pathway. I teach the first year Foundations in English Language; second level Language, Ideology and Power and third level Sociolinguistics and Research Methods. I also teach on the MA English Language modules Research Methods and Language and Power. My research interests straddle critical discourse analysis and sociolinguistics and is primarily focused on language, gender and sexuality. My PhD (Liverpool University) is on the social construction of female sexuality in teenage magazines. My book The Language of Magazines aims to help students develop a linguistic framework to uncover the ideological messages permeating magazine texts. Currently I am focusing on media representations of British Asian women and carrying out audience reception of Asiana magazine. I am also investigating the phenomenon of linguistic (im)politeness and media influences on social interaction. For the past six months, I have been working on a research project with the co-operation of Lancashire Women's Network and The Love & Etiquette Foundation. The project aims to facilitate mutually beneficial research involving focus group discussions on representations of beauty in women's magazines and promote knowledge exchange in helping to develop readers' critical skills. In addition, it is anticipated that the network collaboration will bring pedagogical research-led benefits to students by giving them an opportunity to work on the production of a magazine with the community group. I am interested in supervising postgraduates who want to work in the following areas: critical discourse analysis; the language of magazines; the relationship between language, gender and sexuality.