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Dr Lorna Bourke

0151 291 3077

I graduated with a First Class BSc (Hons) Psychology from the University of Liverpool. In 2003 I was awarded a PhD from Liverpool John Moores University after completing a fully-funded full-time PhD studentship.  Currently I am a Principal Lecturer in the Department of Psychology.  My areas of expertise include cognitive and developmental psychology.  I lead courses on the MSc Psychology (Brain and Mind) and the BSc Psychology (Psychology and Education).  You will also find me teaching on Foundations of Psychology (Year 1), Cognitive Psychology (BPS) (Year 2), Developmental Psychology (BPS) (Year 3) and Research Methods II (MSc Psychology & MSc Research Methods).  I supervise dissertation projects (BPS) mainly in the areas of child development, especially within the school environment.  This also includes atypical development, such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADD. My PhD is in the area of working memory and emergent literacy (writing) in primary school children.  I have recently received a grant from the British Academy to investigate the role of visual memory in the development of early writing skills.

Recent publications include: Bourke, L., Davies, S.J., Sumner, E., & Green, C. (2013). Individual differences in the development of early writing skills: testing the unique contribution of visuospatial working memory. Reading and Writing. DOI 10.1007/s11145-013-9446-3;  Bourke, L., & Adams, A-M. (2012). Is it differences in language skills and working memory that account for girls being better at writing than boys? Journal of Writing Research, 3(3), 249-277; Bourke, L., & Adams, A-M. (2010). Cognitive constraints and the Early Years Learning Goals in writing.  Journal of Research in Reading, 33(1), 94-110; A number of years ago I became involved in Liverpool Hope’s overseas education charity, Global Hope and have recently published an article that highlights the types of people who become involved in this work and issues relating to social justice: Bourke, L., Bamber, P., & Lyons, M. (2012). Global citizens: Who are they? Education, Citizenship and Social Justice, 7 (2), 161-174.  I regularly take students to places such as Africa, India and Sri Lanka.