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Dr Lucy Hanson

Public Health and Social Care
0151 291 3631

I obtained my PhD from the University of Edinburgh in 2002 in Social Anthropology. From there I worked at the University of Glasgow as a Research Fellow in the Glasgow Centre for the Child & Society. In 2006 I joined the Scottish Children’s Reporter’s Administration where I worked on a number of issues related to child protection, youth justice and the participation of Looked After Children in the Children’s Hearings System. Throughout this time I was also involved with ChildLine Scotland and helped train new volunteers. 
My recent research interests have been focused on the care and permanence planning of Looked After Children, the outcomes of children who have experienced care and young people’s views of well-being. I have ongoing interests in the role of children and young people in decision making. 
Recent publications areHanson, L, Holligan, C. and Adams, M. 2016. ‘‘Looked After’ Young People’s Voices: An Actor-Network Theory Analysis.’ Children’s Geographies, [early access]
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