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Dr Marie Caslin

Disability Studies
0151 291 3839 .

I joined Liverpool Hope University in 2012 after completing my PhD at Liverpool John Moores University.  My research focuses on the position of young people who have been labelled as having Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties (BESD) within the confines of the UK education system.  As part of my research I developed innovative and creative research methods to capture the voices and experiences of this group of young people.  I have had my research published in the Emotional Behavioural Difficulties peer reviewed journal.  I am a core member of the Centre for Culture and Disability Studies (CCDS) research centre.  In addition I am currently engaged with projects working with DaDaFest and the Cultural Education Research Initiative (CERI) working with the Comedy Trust.

I am the year lead for our Level I SEN programme, I teach across all years of our undergraduate degree programme and have some responsibility for postgraduate teaching.  I am also a Faculty Senior Academic Advisor.