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Dr Matthew Barber-Rowell

Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies
0151 291 3124

Dr Matthew Barber-Rowell is an Honorary-Postdoctoral Fellow here at Liverpool Hope. His work is focussed on the development of dialogue networks, which inform local leadership and explore shared values. These dialogue networks are being explored as a means of deepening dialogue approaches, and building resilience to contexts of uncertainty, created by issues such as the climate crisis, COVID-19, cost of living crisis and polarising politics. Matthew's work is partnership led. He is an active Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Research Fellow of the William Temple Foundation and works in conjunction with Ideas Alliance and Dialogue Society. These interests are based on 'pracademic' work Dr Barber-Rowell has undertaken in the first 10 years of his career, at the intersection of faith, public and community sectors, exploring partnerships emergent from contexts of austerity, social isolation and Brexit.

Dr Barber-Rowell is interested in an overarching interdisciplinary deployment of Public Theology within academia, through social movements, and as a means of preventing social ills. His work develops the Temple Tradition of Public Theology, through an update to the 'consultative methodology' (Spencer, 2017) which defines the tradition. The umbrella under which Dr Barber-Rowell's work sits is called 'Curating Spaces of Hope'.