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Dr Muhammad Siddique

Business Management/Marketing
0151 291 3580 .

Muhammad Siddique has a Ph.D. in High-performance work systems and organizational performance in the banking sector, from Newcastle University, UK. Currently, he is working as a Post Doctoral Teaching Fellow at Liverpool Hope University, UK. Prior to this Siddique has headed Master’s and Ph.D. programs in management and was Chief Editor of Business and Economics Review at the Institute of Management Sciences, Pakistan. Siddique holds a Master's in Management and MBA in banking and finance. Siddique has been the first to test the theory of relational coordination in the financial sector and also the first to provide insights from developing country context. Siddique has scholarly international papers authorships, and conference presentations on HPWS, HR practices, relational coordination, and performance. Siddique has extensive experience in conducting delivering lectures and training on HR practices, RC, and performance with regulators and other collaborating institutions. Siddique regularly presents his scholarly work in various global forums, including in UK, Pakistan, Denmark, Sweden, and the USA.