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Dr Ogbonnaya Anicho

Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering
0151 291 3173

I am a Chartered Engineer passionate about using my engineering, technology and varied skills to address problems within the digital connectivity and communications infrastructure domain. I obtained my PhD in Computer Science from Liverpool Hope University, MSc (Distinction) in Telecommunications with Management from the University of South Wales and BSc in Computing and Information Technologies from the University of Derby. I also have extensive work experience in the ICT and manufacturing industries, leading teams of engineers operating and maintaining telecommunication networks for various mobile network operators (MNOs). My current research addresses digital connectivity and infrastructure issues driven by the vision of bridging the digital divide and making universal and meaningful connectivity our experience. Key research themes cover Space, High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS), Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN), Connectivity/Communications Technologies, Robotics (autonomous systems e.g. UAVs, Robots etc) and leveraging AI for ICT innovation. I represent Liverpool Hope University in the HAPS Alliance and its Telecommunications Working Group (TWG).