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Dr Salman Al-Azami

0151 291 3223 .

I am a senior lecturer in Language, Media and Communication and the Level C Coordinator for English Language at the School of Humanities. I completed my BA (Hons), MA and PhD in Linguistics at Aligarh Muslim University - a reputed university in India. My areas of expertise are language, religion and the media, Language of Islamophobia, multilingualism, language in education, language and diversity, language maintenance and shift, political discourse, and South Asian popular culture. In English Language, I take Language and Society lectures for the first year, share Researching Language tutorials with colleagues for the second year, and teach the 'Language and Diversity' element and the Honours Seminar on 'Religion in the Media' as well as take Project Planning tutorials for the final year students. In Media and Communication, I teach the first year Media Theories and Media History Lectures and also take tutorials. 

My publications include three monographs, an edited book (forthcoming), some book chapters, and a number of journal articles on Islamophobia in the media, language in education, and multilingualism.

Some of my recent publications are given below:


Religion in the Media: A Linguistic Analysis. Palgrave Macmillan. 2016.

Language of Advertising in Bangladesh. Open House Press, UK. 2007.

Language Maintenance and Shift among the Bangladeshis in Manchester. ICDES, Edge Hill University, UK. 2005.

Edited Book

Al-Azami, S. (Ed.) (Forthcoming) Media Language on Islam and Muslims: Terminologies and Their Effects. Palgrave 2023. 

Co-Authored Book

Fatihi, A.R, Sheikh, A.M. and Al-Azami, S. Communicative Dimensions of Quranic Translations: A Case Study of Surah Fatiha. Adam Publishers, New Delhi, India. 2005. 

Book Chapters

Ethnic minority language use at home and in schools: An investigation into Somali children's bilingualism in Manchester. In Warner, A.D. (Ed.), Ethnic and Cultural Identity: Perceptions, Discrimination and Social Challenges, Nova Science Publishers, USA. 2015. pp. 103-120

Grandmothers as orchestrators of early language and literacy lessons. In Lytra, V. and Martin, P. (Eds.) Sites of Multilingualism: Complementary Schools in Britain Today, Trentham Books.2010. pp 57-68.

Language Variation and Change among the Bangladeshis in Manchester. In Warsi, J. (Ed.) Linguistic Dynamism in South Asia. Gyan Publishers, India. 2008. pp. 143 - 162.

Journal Articles

Language of Islamophobia in Right-Wing British Newspapers. In Journal of Media and Religion (Taylor & Francis). Online Version. August 2021.

The Portrayal of the Female Protagonist in Sarat Chandra's Devdas and Its Two Hindi Film Adaptations: A Critical Discourse Analysis. In AMU Journal of Language and Media Discourse, Vol 2, Issue 1-2, 2019-20.

Saratchandra's Devdas: A Comparison Between the Original Bengali Text and its Two Hindi Film Adaptations. In South Asian Cultural Studies. Special Issue 2018, pp. 62-71.

From Bengali to English: Sequential Bilingualism of a second generation British Bangladeshi. In International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism (Taylor & Francis). Vol. 17, Issue 4, 2014. pp. 484 - 497.

"Transliteration as a bridge to learning for bilingual children. In International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism (Taylor & Francis). Vol. 13, Issue 6, 2010. pp. 683-700.

Bilingual poetry: expanding the cognitive and cultural dimensions of children learning. In Literacy (journal of UKLA, the United Kingdom Literacy Association). 2008. Vol. 42, Issue 2, pp. 92-100.

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Linguistic Manipulations in the Bengali Language by the Bangladeshis in Manchester. In South Asian Cultural Studies, 1(1), 53-59.