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Mrs Sue Thomas

Fine Art and Design

I am a dedicated and progressive educator committed to best practice & design innovation. The delivery and development of my teaching is underpinned by active research and professional practice in graphic design and in the visual and digital arts. My passion for design, travel and culture, creative exploration & our human connection to nature has underpinned the majority of my post graduate work.

As the world of design is ever changing & technological advancements are moving faster than ever, my current practice has moved towards the future of design - in particular, the area of augmented reality. After completing a BA in Graphic Arts (LJMU) followed by two decades working within design & higher education, my Masters took an innovation pathway in Outdoor Practice (UCLan) to combine my love of the outdoors and design innovation. These projects were based on the digital native generation; technological addiction, and finding new ways as a designer to use screen time to encourage green time, to reduce the sedentary behaviour often associated with tech. 

This work then led to my PhD proposal investigating how the Metaverse will change our interaction with the outdoors in the coming decade. 

Teaching Specialisms:

Publishing and Typographic Design

Branding & Visual Identity

Marketing Design

Environmental Design

Human-Centered Design

Most recent publications:

Susan Thomas and Clive Palmer (2021) When nature and tech connect - a case for using Augmented Reality in the Outdoors. Journal of Qualitative Research in Sports Studies, 15, 1, 1-28.

Susan Thomas and Clive Palmer (2020) When mother earth gives birth to a digital demon. Journal of Qualitative Research in Sports Studies, 14, 1, 231-246.