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Professor Michael Brennan

0151 291 3501

I am Professor of Sociology and Subject Lead for Sociology in the School of Social Sciences at Liverpool Hope University. Previously (2013-14) I taught within the School of Government at Plymouth University, and prior to that (2008-12) at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, USA, where I was Associate Professor of Sociology, Director of the Center for Death Education & Bioethics, and Sociology section head in a combined Department of Archaeology and Sociology. Between 1996-2005 I taught Sociology in the UK at the Universities of Warwick, Leicester and Coventry.

I have a PhD in Sociology from the University of Warwick (2004); an MA in Social & Political Thought, also from the University of Warwick (1999); and a BA in Applied Sociology (First Class Hons.) from the University of Leicester (1996).

My research interests are located primarily in the sociology of death and dying, and my work has been published widely: in book form; in academic journals (including Mortality, Death StudiesSociology, Theory, Culture & Society; Omega: Journal of Death & Dying, and Illness, Crisis & Loss); as chapters in edited book collections; and in educational, professional and practice-driven outlets such as the 'A' Level journal Sociology Review, the online magazine of social research, Discover Society, the British Sociological Association's (BSA) Network, the Association for Death Education and Counseling's (ADEC) Forum and Nursing Standard - journal of the UK's Royal College of Nursing. Recent books include Theorising the Popular (2017), The A-Z of Death & Dying (2014) and Mourning & Disaster (2008).

I am currently engaged in several ongoing research projects, including: on public dying and 'pathography' (i.e. first-person narrative accounts of long-term sickness, terminal illness and/or bereavement); the methodological uses and intersection of biography in death, dying and bereavement; public commemoration and memory focusing on the 'weeping window' exhibition of poppies marking the anniversary of the First World War; and the relationship between culture and loss as manifested in industrial ruination and dereliction tourism. I regularly present my work at conferences and in the last few years have contributed talks at the Centre for Death and Society's (CDAS) annual conference in Bath; the British Sociological Association's Death, Dying and Bereavement study group symposium; at the Royal Geographical Society's (RGB) conference in London; and the Death Online Research Symposium (DORS). I was recently a keynote speaker at the Materiality of Mourning workshop sponsored by the Wellcome Trust and hosted at the University of Warwick. I also serve on the editorial board of the journals Memory Studies, Methodological Innovations, and Illness, Crisis & Loss and regularly as a reviewer for journals including Mortality, American Journal of Sociology, Death Studies, Omega: Journal of Death and Dying; The American Sociologist; and Theory, Culture & Society

I currently deliver teaching across all levels of the BA undergraduate programme and contribute to the MA programme in Sociology at Liverpool Hope. My teaching reflects my research interests and is concentrated in the areas of social theory, qualitative methods, the sociology of health and illness, sociology of religion and in specialist (and interdisciplinary) areas of academic interest such as death, dying and bereavement and the sociology of the Holocaust. I welcome interest from PhD students with sociological research interests in death and dying or any of the areas of special interest highlighted above. 

Selected Publications


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Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

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