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Professor Solomon Salako

Business School Admin Office
0151 291 3856

I attended Methodist Boys' High School ,Lagos,Nigeria. I was educated at the University of London where I was awarded the Bachelor of Laws,the Master of Laws and the Master of Philosophy in Jurisprudence. I am a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.I was called to the Bar on 16th July 1979. I have been an academic from 1984 to date. I have taught law at Olabisi Onabanjo University ( formerly Ogun Sate University,Nigeria),Leeds Metropolitan University and Liverpool John Moores University. I was the Editor of Liverpool Law Review from 1992 - 1994.I am currently  Professorial Fellow in the School of Law, Business School  and Archbishop Desmond Tutu Centre for War and Peace Studies  at Liverpool Hope University. I teach Jurisprudence and Legal Theory,Medical Law , International Biomedical Law and Ethics and Corporate and Business Law  at Liverpool Hope University. My research interests are in  Criminal Law, Evidence,Philosophy, Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, Human Rights,International Law,International Relations , International Biomedical Law and Ethics and Corporate and Business Law, on which topics I have written numerous books and articles. My best known recent publications include "Strict Criminal Liability:A Violation of the Convention?"[2006] 70(6) Journal of Criminal Law 531 - 549, "The Council of Europe Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine: A new look at international biomedical law and ethics"(2008) 27 Medicine and Law 339 - 356,"The UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights:Protecting Future Generations and the Quest for a Global Consensus"(2008) 27 Medicine and Law 805 - 823,"Research Ethics Committee and Community Values:Devlin,Dworkin,Hart and Beyond"(2010)29 Medicine and Law 37-50," Informed Consent under the European Convention on Biomedicine and the Universal Declaration on Bioethics" (2011) 30 Medicine and Law 101-113, "Agrobiotechnology,Indigenous Peoples' Rights and Traditional Knowledge"(2012)20(2) African Journal of International and Comparative Law 318 - 332," Civil Wars and the Right to Self-Determination",International Law Research,Vol.2,No.1,2013 : 129-144,The UN Declaration on Indigenous Peoples' Rights : An Appraisal,Ventus Publishing,Denmark,2014,available at, " Forcible Protection of Nationals Abroad and Humanitarian Intervention : Might or Right?",International Law Research,Vol.5,No.1,2016:152-167," Climate Change ,Environmental Security and Global Justice",International Law Research,Vol.6,No.1,2017 : 119-131 , " Entitlement to Islands,Rocks and Low-Tide Elevations in the South China Sea : Geoeconomics versus  Rule of Law",International Law Research,Vol.7,No.1,2018 : 247-259 and " The Individual in International Law : 'Object' versus 'Subject'",International Law Research,Vol.8,No.1,2019 : 132-143. I  am a consultant on Bioethics,Biotechnology and Medical Law. I am also a Member of the Society of Legal Scholars.