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Our missions and values

We want to ensure our students receive a well-rounded education when they come to study with us. Everything we do, both academically and pastorally, revolves around our missions and values.

Liverpool Hope University is Europe’s only ecumenical university foundation; its three founding colleges, S Katharine’s (1844) (formerly Anglican), Notre Dame College (1856) and Christ’s College (1964) (both formerly Catholic) form a fully integrated academic collegium.

Liverpool Hope University welcomes all who seek a sound higher education. It is deeply committed to a culture of research and scholarship, and to preparing its graduates to serve the common good. Its educational philosophy is based on the triune quest for Truth, Beauty and Goodness. 

Faithful to its Christian moorings, it aspires to be a welcoming, hospitable and caring community. It invites all who work and study here to contribute to building a kind, generous and gracious fellowship where all may flourish.

These virtues we believe support its ethos of hard work, scholarly dedication and the rounded formation of its graduates.